2019 lineup

WHAT Fest Main Stage 

Still House Junkies(3-3:50)
The Woodpile(4:40-5:30)
Aaron Davis and the Mystery Machine (6:20-7:10)
Chanman Roots (8-8:50)
Gasoline Lollipops(9:40-10:30)
Great Salmon Famine (10:50-11:50)

Natives of Nowhere(11:30-12:20)
Mortigi Tempo(2:50-3:40)
Jake Clayton Band (4:30-5:20)
J Shogren Shanghai’d (6:10-7)
Josh Gonzalez Band(7:50-8:40)
Bob lefevre and the already gone (9:30-10:30)
Banshee tree(10:50-11:50)

VDR Acoustic stage

Jim culver (2:30-3)
nick park (4-4:30)
sharon martinson (5:40-6:10)
rob weimann(7:20-7:50)

DJ Schell Shock (9-9:30 & 10:30-10:50)

april bretzman (12:30-1)
27 floods (2:10-2:40)
chris weydeveld(3:50-4:20)
quinn cerovski (5:30-6)
dauphin of mississippi (7:10-7:40)
Aspen dawn jaquet (8:50-9:20)



Founded in upstate New York and currently located in the Front Range, Banshee Tree has quickly developed a reputation as one of Colorado’s most multifaceted young bands. Combining the sounds of acoustic instruments with a diverse blend of dance and improvisational styles from swing to funk to electronic, the band's songwriter Thomas LaFond's intrepid compositions as a platform for hot swing and deep grooves. Fans of Golgol Bordello, Caravan Palace, and Django Reinhardt will appreciate this driving, earthy acoustic dance music. There newest release, “In the Company of Crows”, is currently available through Bandcamp, Itunes, and Spotify.



Gasoline Lollipops is a Colorado band that combines the sincerity of dirt-floor folk with the energy and rebelliousness of punk. It’s an all-new incarnation of alt-country that’s both high energy and heartfelt, like the American highway’s soundtrack.

Denver Westword awarded Gasoline Lollipops "Best Country Artist" in 2018 and 2016, and the group - which released the debut album Resurrection in February 2017 and followed it with Soul Mine just 11 months later - won the 2014, 2015 and 2017 Colorado Daily reader's polls for "Best Boulder Band."



J Shogren Shanghai’d from Centennial WY (pop 100, 4 bars) have a singular vision of what they are doing musically—Roots & folk music filtered through a contemporary dissonant transmitter.

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, Shogren's backstory is kinda wild...musician trapper economist janitor who worked for the King of Sweden and President Clinton...and writes songs about Salvation and Lutefisk.

Shogren calls their music “catawampus american music”. He shows up with a lived-in rasp of a voice, acoustic guitars, a mandolin and a batch of his own songs and some well-traveled numbers by cohorts from another time. Shogren has released numerous albums over the last decade, played all over the Rocky Mtn region & Europe, and International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

Shogren played the Lincoln Center in NYC and the Kennedy Center in Wash DC (with Max Hatt & Edda Glass), as part of the NewSong Music Series.



Born in a distillery in Durango, CO, Stillhouse Junkies play a delirious, head-spinning mixture of original roots, blues, funk, swing, and bluegrass music. With all three band members sharing vocal duties and swapping instruments, the Junkies conjure a wide range of tonal landscapes that pay tribute to the iconic sounds of Gillian Welch, the Allman Brothers, Tim O'Brien, the Wood Brothers, John Hiatt, and countless others while breaking new musical ground with their genre-bending original material.



In a time where genres seem to flow together and music saturates one’s daily life, The Woodpile finds a quiet, but compelling voice. The 5-piece “indie-folk-meets-rock-band” combines conventional folk instrumentation, charming storytelling, and rich vocal harmony with beautiful cello melodies, complex arrangements, and dynamic composition that take the listener on a rousing, oft somber and reflective journey.

Members Evan Gwin (vocals, guitar, banjo), Brendan Ruwart (vocals, percussion, guitar, banjo), Jessie Salas (cello, vocals), Molly DeLau (cello, bass guitar), and Jesse Twitchell (electric guitar, vocals) create an intimate and dynamic stage show with frequent instrument exchanges, trading vocal leads, lush instrumental jams, and vulnerable pauses.

The Woodpile has opened for nationally recognized acts in their hometown of Laramie, WY such as Shook Twins and Dustbowl Revival. Wyoming Public Radio listeners voted their EP Hunting Hearts as one of the Top Ten Wyoming Albums of 2017. They are putting the finishing touches on their debut full-length record, to be released in August of 2019.



When he was 16, following the death of his mother, Mississippi J was lucky enough to see Guy Clark singing “Boats to Build” on television. He’d been doing nothing, and might still be doing nothing with his life, was it not for that moment. It was a simple song, far from Clark’s best, but it moved him in such a way that he dedicated his life to learning to write songs ever since–hopefully, songs that move people the way he was once moved. His father was the King of Carolina and taught him how to build castles. His mother’s blood was pure honey, and when the wind is right he can hear her playing the piano. He fled the salt air of Mississippi’s coast some time ago after much disruption and now makes his home in the high rocky mountain plains of Wyoming, reading books, chasing trout in the cool, clear streams and pheasant with his bird dog Boot. They keep asking when he’s coming home, but when he’s in the mountains or on the river he’s sure he’s there already.